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New record high for globally traded wood chips in 2016

Over the past 15 years, global trade of wood chips has gone up almost 75%, mainly because of major expansion [...]

FSC has started a new policy for association investigation of the Schweighofer Group

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has started a new policy for association investigation of the Schweighofer Group to determine whether [...]

China: Economy and housing market a driver for wood and wood products imports

Achieving growth was tough for Chinese policy makers throughout 2016. Even with loosened liquidity and government intervention, annual growth fell [...]

Use of wood in construction plays an important role in tackling climate change. says Sampsa Auvinen

“My message is very simple. As simple as it can be the reduction of CO2 emissions, particularly in the construction [...]

Tokyo biomass pellets summit to gather over 200 buyers and sellers

To be held in Tokyo on 15-18 May, the 8th edition of renowned Biomass Pellets Trade & Power summit [...]

Growth of US wood pellets exports to the European Union slows down in 2016

    After years of booming growth, US wood pellets exports to the European Union countries were still [...]

Switzerland could get more energy out of used wood

Almost 173,000 tonnes of used wood could be re-used in Switzerland as to produce valuable heat and power [...]

Mohawk Industries to close wood flooring plant due to poor market conditions

    US flooring giant Mohawk Industries will permanently close its manufacturing plant in Holden, West Virginia on [...]

Strong growth in US engineered wood flooring imports

Strong growth in engineered wood flooring imports US imports of hardwood wood flooring decreased in 2016, while assembled flooring panel [...]

Brazil: Exports of wood products up 20%

In January 2017 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 20.0% in value compared to [...]