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Germany: Wood prices expected to rise further by 30 percent by the end of the year

The German economy is threatened with further massive restrictions due to material shortages and burdens from rising prices for raw [...]

Wood prices will rise in the Czech Republic

According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, almost 36 million cubic meters of wood were harvested in Czech forests [...]

Skyrocketing wood prices in Romania

The situation on the wood market in Romania is tense, with prices above average prices in Europe.  Thus [...]

Poland: Wood prices are breaking records

Polish sawmills are struggling with rising wood prices. Currently, in the free market, they have to pay for the raw [...]

Prices explode in Germany: wood is the new gold

The raw material wood is in high demand on the world market. This is causing skyrocketing prices and an extreme [...]

France: Supply shortages, wood prices up 50% puts construction industry in difficulty

A timber shortage in France has forced prices up as architects struggle to comply with a new environmental law that [...]

Global wood shortage and soaring prices threaten lumber industry in Japan

A global shortage of wood and soaring prices are threatening Japan’s lumber industry and has business operators fearing serious [...]

Germany: Is the lumber price rally long-lasting?

The coronavirus crisis has hit many sectors of the economy in Germany, but the lumber industry certainly isn't one [...]