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10% decline in EU imports of tropical sawnwood

EU imports of tropical sawnwood decreased by 10% to 180,000 MT in the first quarter of 2017. After a [...]

Downward trend in EU imports of tropical logs

After a brief recovery in 2015 and stasis in 2016, the downward trend in EU imports of tropical logs resumed [...]

Slow-down in EU tropical timber imports

The slowdown in EU imports of tropical timber products registered in the second half of 2016 continued into the first [...]

Forecast: Stability in European tropical wood trade in 2017

The European Timber Trade Federation's latest newsletter includes a commentary on the tropical hardwood trade in Europe by Armand [...]

Recovery in EU tropical veneer imports continued during 2016

The upturn in EU imports of hardwood veneer which began in 2013 continued last year. The EU imported 542,000 [...]

EU tropical sawn trade increasingly done through Belgium

On the demand side, the most notable trend in EU tropical sawn hardwood imports during 2016 was increasing concentration of [...]

Spain’s tropical wood market recovers some ground

Hardwood consumption in Spain has recovered some ground, but growth remains slow and hardwood products are coming under renewed pressure [...]

Rising dependence in EU on tropical sawnwood from Cameroon

The most notable trend in the supply of tropical sawn timber to the EU in 2016 was the rising dependence [...]

US demand for all major tropical sawnwood species increased

Balsa, sapelli and ipe imports up in January US imports of all sawn hardwood increased by 21% from December 2016 [...]

ATIBT to publish new guide to using African timbers in Europe

The Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT - International Tropical Timber Technical Association) has just released Volume 1 of their [...]
March 8, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling / Africa / Europe