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China: Forest products trade reaches US$140 billion in 2015, down 1% yoy

According to China Customs the total value of China’s forest products trade in 2015 was US$140 billion, a [...]

Ottawa negotiations bring no progress on a new Softwood Lumber Agreement

The Canadian softwood lumber negotiators met with the US officials last week in Ottawa. Yet, there is no sign of [...]

Canadian and US officials meet to discuss softwood lumber issues

The Canadian and US officials will met in Ottawa this week to discuss about the terms of a new agreement [...]

BC Premier is optimistic about a new Softwood Lumber Agreement

Christy Clark, BC Premier, stated that she was optimistic about a future agreement regarding the softwood lumber trade between Canada [...]

NZ forestry industry blames China for not keeping up free trade promises

China is accused by the forestry industry in New Zealand that is adding costs to imported log products, despite the [...]

Trudeau-Obama meeting to solve lumber trade dispute; trade minister’s opinion

Justin Trudeau’s visit to the Washington helped developing a closer connection in the solving of the ongoing Softwood Lumber [...]
March 14, 2016 Daily News / Lumber / Global / North America

Global trade of softwood lumber reaches 10-year high in 2015

A majority of the 20 largest softwood lumber-consuming countries in the world increased their importation of lumber in 2015 [...]

Illegal timber trade between China and Myanmar has slowed down

The volume of illegal timber traded between Myanmar and China in the last 6 months has encountered a downturn, as [...]
March 8, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / China / Global

EU illegal timber policy seems to be ineffective

EU’s timber regulation (EUTR) hasn’t been effective in preventing the illegal timber trade, according to the Guardian. Even [...]
February 11, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Africa / Europe / South America

Global softwood lumber trade close to 9-year high

Despite occasional gloomy reports from the sawmilling industry around the world this year, global softwood lumber trade increased during the [...]