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US imposes additional 25% tariffs on imports of Chinese woodworking machinery

As of July 6 machinery and related tools for wood processing as well as presses for the production of wooden [...]

Trump Administration to impose 10% tariffs on imports of wood flooring from China

Wood flooring is included in a new list of 10 percent tariffs proposed for Chinese products by the Trump administration [...]

US costs of homebuilding increasing due to lumber tariffs

Last week, Robert Dietz, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders, addressed attendees at the National Association of [...]

Canada will impose tariffs on US plywood imports

Canada has recently announced it would impose tariffs on plywood and other products imported from the US.     [...]

Chinese wood products exports hit by Trump’s tariffs

The US Trade Representative has issued a list of products to which a 25% tariffs will be collected. The list [...]

Canada/US softwood dispute: Freeland accuses US Lumber Coalition of inflexibile protectionism

US politicians have to stay in guard for a possible new softwood-lumber dispute, as the Canadian government has warned [...]
October 31, 2016 Daily News / Lumber / Sawmilling / Global / North America

Canada&US: Softwood lumber war on the verge of a long fight

A very important trade war is about to start now that the one-year standstill period for launching trade action [...]

Canadian producers still on the verge of loosing with a new SLA

During the G20 summit, world leaders had protectionism at the top of their discussions. One of the things that raised [...]

Tariff barriers on Canadian lumber cost US consumers $6 billion since 2006, study shows

          The tariff barriers imposed on Canadian softwood lumber cost American [...]