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Sweden: Softwood lumber exports grow considerably in 2015

In the first eleven months of 2015, Sweden has exported about 11.7 million cubic meters of sawn and planed [...]

Total stock volumes of roundwood decline in Sweden

The total stocks of coniferous sawlogs, pulpwood and wood chips is estimated to amount 8.4 million m³ (cubic metres [...]
February 24, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Statistics / Europe / Global

Infographic: Rising log prices in Sweden

The third quarter of 2015 brought rising sawlog prices in Sweden, an evolution present in the other two quarters of [...]

Sweden: Sawn timber production and export on the rise in 2015

The preliminary figures from the Swedish Forest Industries Federation have shown that 2015 was a good year for the Swedish [...]

Sweden: Smaller forest machines deflate the market

The Swedish market for forest machines is shrinking. That’s the conclusion of a review of the past six years [...]

China’s economic crash to affect the Swedish forest industry

After China’s economy registered growth rates of 10-15% for 15 years before the financial crisis, the country is [...]

Sweden: Rörvik Timber closes two sawmills

Swedish company Rörvik Timber decided to close down its Sandsjöfors and Tvärskog sawmills, due to low business [...]

Swedish lumber exports up 27%

In the first half of 2015, Sweden has exported about 6,7 million cubic meters of sawn and planed softwood [...]

Swedish sawlog prices decreased in Q2

The second quarter of 2015 shows decreasing sawlog prices in Sweden after a consistent surge in the first quarter. Pine [...]

Sawlog prices in Sweden go down, while pulpwood prices rise

Swedish sawlog prices decreased by 1 percent in the second quarter of 2015 compared to the prior quarter while pulpwood [...]