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Forecast: North American lumber market expected to grow in 2019; prices to rise

Growth in U.S. domestic softwood lumber consumption is expected to continue next year and well into 2020 as the [...]

Södra, Derome and Nordströms Group sign supply agreement

Last week, Södra, Derome and Nordströms Group signed a multi-year agreement for interior wood products. The agreement [...]

China: Supply and consumption of wood products in 2016

According to the 2016 China Forestry Development Report, total timber supply (domestic resources and imports) in 2015 rose 2.3 [...]

US housing supply lags demand

US Housing starts fell 5.8% in August to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.14 million units, according [...]

Indonesia: Moratorium on land clearing for palm oil to impact log supply   

The Indonesian government will introduce a five-year moratorium on new palm oil concessions as part of the country's [...]

Crisis in New Zealand’s log supply

New Zealand wood processing leaders held a hui with senior government officials and political leaders in Whangarei yesterday to assess [...]

Japan: Targets for the use of domestic wood revised downwards

The Japanese Forest Agency has reviewed and revised Japan's degree of self-sufficiency rate for domestic wood. Since the [...]

Tropical logs imports in Europe drop 20%

    EU imports of tropical hardwood logs were 186,000 m3 in 2013, down 20% compared to [...]

West African timber suppliers facing competition on the Middle East market

In contrast to the subdued market sentiment in the EU and US the vast Middle East market continues to be [...]

The global outlook for the 2014 lumber market

The outlook for global lumber markets hinge on demand forces in the key consuming regions of the world. More specifically [...]