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Japanese Sumitomo buys timberlands in New Zealand to export logs to China

Sumitomo Corporation has acquired timberland in the North Island of New Zealand through its local subsidiary company Summit Forest New [...]

Japanese Sumitomo expands in US

Sumitomo Forestry has acquired a 60% equity interest in the United States Mark III Properties.    The [...]

350 meter wooden skyscrapper planned in Tokyo

Sumitomo Forestry (SFC) summarized the concept W350 plan to realize wooden high-rise building with a height of 350 meter [...]

Japan’s Sumitomo acquires stake in Canadian wood pellet producer

Sumitomo Corporation has acquired 47.6% of the shares of the wood pellet manufacturer Pacific BioEnergy Corporation and made its [...]

Japan’s Sumitomo continues expansion in the US home building market with a new acquisition

Sumitomo Forestry America, which is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sumitomo Forestry Co., is buying Gehan Homes Ltd., a Dallas [...]

Japan’s Sumitomo Forestry bought out American house builder

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) announced that it bought 60% of share of DRB Enterprises, which owns Dan Ryan Builders [...]