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UK could face major timber shortages

Sweden, who supplies almost half of the structural wood that is used in the UK, has its current stock levels [...]

Sweden: Unusually large stocks of wood in September

Stocks of softwood, pulpwood and pulp chips have fallen since this summer but are nonetheless unusually large for the season [...]

Cheap European logs fill the Chinese falling softwood stocks

While log supply from North and South America in China has virtually dried up the volume from Europe continues to [...]

Softwood log stocks in Chinese ports starting to fall

Total softwood log stocks across China have reduced slightly from last month to around 3.8 million m3. Daily uplift [...]

China: Timber prices falling sharply due to high stocks and weak demand

Timber stock levels in Zhangjiagang markets remained high throughout 2018. In November, stocks of okan, a main species imported, reached [...]

Rising softwood log stocks across China

Total softwood log stocks across China have increased slightly and are now approximately 3.1-3.3 million m3. Inventory [...]

Stock levels of hardwood in UK are high

Due to the strong buying activity in the first half of the 2017, UK traders report that hardwood stock levels [...]

China: Five Year plan sees 1.4 billion cubic metre forest stock

The 13th Five Year Planning for China’s national forestry development has been released by the State Forestry Administration (SFA [...]

Higher stocks of sawlogs in Sweden

The total stocks of coniferous sawlogs, pulpwood and wood chips in Sweden is estimated to amount 7.0 million m [...]