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Germany: Wood prices expected to rise further by 30 percent by the end of the year

The German economy is threatened with further massive restrictions due to material shortages and burdens from rising prices for raw [...]

Overview of June price falls of European spruce logs in China

On the whole, June Chinese imported spruce logs fell sharply. The price of spruce/white pine in all regions of [...]

Prices for European spruce logs fall sharply in China

    In China the prices for softwood logs decreased by 20 € last week due to the standard [...]

Estonia: Rising spruce log prices in Q1/2021

In the first quarter, the prices of softwood logs in Estonia continued to grow. The biggest increase was in the [...]

Spruce sawlog prices fall sharply in Estonia

All sawlog assortments have become cheaper in Estonia in September 2019. The bark beetle crisis has apparently started to be [...]

Estonia: Sharp drop in sawlog prices

In Estonia prices for roundwood continued to decline in July. Only pine sawlogs and hardwood could grow in comparison to [...]