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Södra and KLM plan to produce green jet fuel

Södra signed a letter of intent with KLM to conduct a joint feasibility study to examine the possibility of [...]

Sodra reopens Langasjo sawmill in Sweden after SEK100M investment

On Saturday 21 April, Södra’s sawmill at Långasjö was reopened at a ceremony attended by more than [...]

Södra to increase the price for pine logs

Södra has decided to increase their purchase price for pulpwood and pine logs, as the demand for softwood and [...]

Södra’s boosts sawn timber exports to the US; forecast to rise 25% in 2018

Södra’s exports of sawn timber to the US have risen over the past four years and a further [...]

Södra to sell Södra Wood Norway to Sörnsen Holzleisten

Södra is preparing to sell its Norwegian operation, Södra Wood AS, to German company Sörnsen Holzleisten. The [...]

Södra’s completes investment in Långasjö sawmill; production up by 30%

Södra’s investment of SEK 100 million in Långasjö has now been completed. The investment means that a [...]

Södra increases softwood prices

The strategic investments in Södra’s mills have now led to higher fibre consumption, as demand for softwood pulpwood [...]

Södra’s exports to China are on the rise

In 2017, Södra increased sales of paper pulp by more than 50 percent. At the same time, the company [...]

Södra invests SEK 25 million in planing operations; co-locates units in Ronneby and Kallinge

Södra plans to strengthen the long-term competitiveness of its planing operations and to co-locate the units in [...]

Södra invests in new CLT facility at Värö

Södra is investing in a small facility for cross-laminated timber (CLT) adjacent to Södra’s sawmill at [...]