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The Russian invasion, Covid and inflation overshadow the outlook of the Finnish sawmill industry

The uncertainty caused by the Ukraine war is also reflected in the demand for Finnish lumber. Uncertainty in the market [...]

Swedish sawmill industry is not much affected by the sanctions against Russia

    Competition for wood products becomes tougher when European buyers, who have previously imported from Russia, and [...]

German sawmill industry calls for boost in local wood sourcing due to war in Ukraine

Germany faces major challenges in the coming months and years. Against the background of the war waged by Russia against [...]

Swedish sawmill industry reports record production in 2021; outlook positive for 2022

Analysts predicted that 2021 would be a new record year for the Swedish sawmill industry as early as last autumn [...]

Austria: Delivery times and prices on the timber market are back to normal

Wood in Austria has been in short supply in recent months and the prices are horrendous. According to the Austrian [...]

European Sawmill Industry notices shortage of sawnwood on the market

When the pandemic first emerged in China in January 2020 and then broke out in Europe and the US a [...]

High market dynamics are causing unrest in the German sawmill industry

In the past few weeks, industry and media reports about warned about a lack of lumber in Germany.   [...]

Germany: Sales in the wood industry benefit from high demand of construction sector

The turnover of the German wood industry was around € 36.5 billion last year and thus 0.8 percent above [...]

German sawmill industry under rising pressure as lockdown tightens

   The Corona crisis goes into the second round in winter and increases the pressure in the individual processing [...]

Outlook of the Finnish sawmill industry

Cooling of the Finnish economy could already be seen in autumn 2019. The Finnish economy has suffered seriously from the [...]