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Asia: A major cause for dropping North American sawlog prices

Sawlog prices were generally lower in the 3Q/14 than in the same quarter in 2013 in most of the [...]

Rising sawlog prices in Sweden in 2014

In 2014, Swedish sawlog prices rose, while pulpwood prices fell in comparison to 2013. Moreover, statistics for the fourth quarter [...]

Sawlog prices fell worldwide in the 3Q

Sawlog prices were lower in the 3Q in most of the 20 regions that are the basis for the Global [...]

Sweden: Decreasing sawlog prices during 2Q/2014

The second quarter of 2014 shows decreasing sawlog prices in Sweden after a slight surge in the 1Q. Pine and [...]

Falling US sawlog prices

After a healthy 2013 and early 2014, lumber markets in the US started weakening in the spring with lumber prices [...]

Sweden: decreasing prices for sawlog and pulpwood prices in 2013

Statistics for the 4th quarter 2013 shows a small increase in prices compared to previous quarter, but annual prices for [...]

Debate over log exports after ban in Indonesia

The suggestion that limited log exports could be resumed has generated considerable debate. The idea was first made by the [...]

Norway: Roundwood volumes rise, prices decline

A total of 9 million cubic metres of industrial roundwood were cut in Norway for sale in 2013; an increase [...]

Price for spruce in Tyrol continues to rise

The price for spruce sawlogs in Tyrol continued to increase in December. As compared to November the increase is just [...]