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Finland: Roundwood price trends in August

Spruce logs price in Finland reached an average of EUR 66.3 per cubic metre in standing sales in August [...]

Ukraine may allow roundwood and green lumber exports by the end of 2021

The adoption of a Ukraine law that would permit the export of roundwood and green lumber is anticipated to have [...]

The situation on the German wood market is easing; prices expected to rise

The situation on the German timber market has eased. The supply crisis in the spring and summer of this year [...]

Russia: It may take several years for the timber market to recover after price boom

The shortage of lumber has led to an increase in prices for timber in Russia. It may take years for [...]

Record roundwood prices in Austria

At the end of July, Spruce / fir roundwood (quality B, 2b) in Austria was sold between 100 and 115 € / cubic [...]

Dropping roundwood prices in Finland

Finnish spruce logs fetched an average of EUR 66.9 per cubic metre in standing sales in July. This was [...]

Switzerland: Roundwood prices remain low despite boom in lumber

The Swiss wood market has been out of joint for months. Above all, the prices for lumber have practically exploded [...]

Brazilian roundwood exports hit record high

Brazil has never exported so much roundwood as in April and May 2021, according to the Secretariat of Foreign Trade [...]

Finland: Sharp rise in roundwood prices in May

Pine logs in Finland cost an average of EUR 64.6, and spruce logs EUR 68.2 per cubic metre [...]

Austria: Wood industry sees rising sawn timber and roundwood prices amid delivery bottlenecks

Despite the COVID restrictions, the wood industry in Austria got through the 2020 pandemic year well. The almost 1,300 [...]