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Latest prices for hardwood and softwood lumber in France

      FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 4th quarter 2016         [...]

Rising softwood lumber prices affect US home buyers

The composite price of framing lumber used in house construction increased by 15% in the first three weeks of February [...]

Anxiety over US lumber prices and supply likely to persist for years

Headaches over the supply and price of North American lumber likely will persist for several years, the CEO of the [...]

US softwood lumber prices drop but still way higher than last year

Prices of framing lumber weakened by varying degrees. Trading ranged from a standoff between buyers and sellers, such as in [...]

Central/West Africa: FOB prices for sawnwood begin to stir

Sawnwood FOB prices in Central/Western Africa have begun to stir on the back of steady demand from buyers for [...]

Germany: Prices for wood products largely stable at the beginning of the year

In January 2017, the German producer price index shows signs of stability with few exceptions. KVH (finger-jointed squares and [...]

Hardwood logs prices in Russia, Poland, Romania and Croatia during January-February 2017

Prices for hardwood logs during January and February 2017 can be found below:    RUSSIA:   [...]

Lumber prices in the US make first drop of the year

Last week recorded slow sales at the framing lumber mills in the US, which resulted in lower prices.    [...]

Rising prices for softwood lumber in Austria

Prices for softwood lumber in Austria rose again in February. The increase compared to January is on average between EUR [...]

China: Prices for imported logs and lumber from main timber markets

        This index contains the most update prices of logs and lumber from [...]