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Swedish sawmills face falling sawn timber prices and low demand

Sawn timber prices in Sweden have plummeted in recent months, and some sawmills are now seeing profitability plummet. But there [...]

Pellet prices in Germany fall below 500 euro mark

The prices for wood pellets fall below 500 euros per ton. This is the lowest pellet price since July - ie [...]

Swedish sawn timber export prices continue to fall

In September, for the 4th consecutive month, Swedish sawn timber export prices fell further compared to the previous month. Recall [...]

Austria: Sawlog prices stable in November 2022

The Austrian sawmill industry is sufficiently stocked with softwood logs corresponding to the current demand, but there are regional differences [...]

Pallets and packaging prices to remain high due to supply chain cost pressures

While raw material prices have dropped, other high inputs will keep the cost of pallets and packaging high, Fefpeb has [...]

Sweden: Sawlog prices continue to rise in Q3/2022

During the third quarter of 2022, delivery timber prices for both sawlogs and pulpwood in Sweden increased in comparison with [...]

France: Depression on the Douglas fir market; prices in freefall

The downward trend in the Douglas fir market is now clearly confirmed. We can even speak of a serious drop [...]

US lumber: Post-bubble prices under further pressure

US lumber futures continued to fall over the past few months as weakening housing markets in major economies amid rising [...]

Södra’s roundwood prices increased again

Södra raises the prices of industrial roundwood and fuel wood purchased from members, after seven months from the last [...]

Austria: Sawlog prices stable in October; demand from sawmills low

Persistent economic uncertainties, constantly rising costs in all areas and a lack of new orders continue to reduce sawn timber [...]