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Lumber prices in the US keep on going down through August

The plunge in framing lumber prices in the US was unabated, but another round of steep discounting drew in more [...]

Switzerland: Wood pellets prices increase despite the summer heat

Curiously, despite the wave of heat that came across Europe these weeks, the prices of wood pellets in Switzerland increased [...]

Roundwood prices in Estonia way above the levels of last year

In June 2018, the prices for roundwood in Estonia are significantly higher as compared to the same month of 2018 [...]

US lumber prices drop sharply at the beginning of August

Framing lumber prices in US spiraled downward, as mills searched for trading levels to little avail. Deep double-digit cuts [...]

Mixed price developments for softwood lumber in Austria

In June, softwood lumber prices in Austria have registered some mixed developments. Compared with May, edged boards and squared timber [...]

Germany: Wood pellets cheaper in July

    Wood pellets price in Germany slightly fell during July 2018. Thus, the average price for ENplus [...]

Lumber market in the US under pressure by downside prices

Framing lumber market in the US was mostly affected by the downside price pressure during last week.    [...]

Plywood prices in China slide

Plywood prices in the Chinese domestic market have been falling recently. When questioned dealers said that prices have been heavily [...]

German hardwood sawmills expect stable to rising lumber prices

This year, the representatives of the German hardwood sawmills and forestry companies met before the summer break in Kassel, Germany [...]