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Chinese plywood prices go down on the international markets

China’s plywood exports amounted to 5.52 million m3, valued at US $2,610 million in the first half [...]

Indian poplar growers under crisis due to fall in prices

Yamunanagar poplar growers are experiencing a crisis caused by an excessive fall in prices. The government isn’t making any [...]

Malaysia: Plywood industry announces production curtailments

Eight major plywood manufacturers in Sarawak like Shinyang, Ta Ann, Samurin and WTK announced to reduce the production by 10 [...]

Latest Brazilian prices for logs, sawnwood and plywood

      Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic  US$ per m3     [...]

India: Price list for teak logs, sawnwood and plywood

Plantation teak prices     The current pace of deliveries of imported plantation teak match demand levels in [...]

EU plywood imports on the rise; Germany and the UK leading the market

EU plywood imports are continuing to increase. The EU import leaders, Germany and the U.K., have seen a significant [...]

US imports more hardwood plywood and flooring from China

Hardwood plywood imports grew 4% in June to 279,542 cu.m. but year-to-date imports were lower than [...]

Turkey to impose anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnamese plywood

The Turkish Ministry of Economy has finally taken a decision regarding the anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnamese plywood. Thus, the [...]

Latest export prices for sawnwood, plywood, veneer and panels in Peru

Between January and May 2016, Peruvian imports of fibreboard amounted to US$10.24 million, a decline of almost 5 [...]

Prices for logs, sawnwood and plywood in Brazil

        Brazilian logs, mill yard, domestic  US$ per m3   [...]