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Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood prices at the end of January

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood prices (16-31 January 2017)        [...]

Russia: Analysis of the plywood and wood-based panels industry (financial and production capacity)

The Russian plywood industry is presented today by 65 factories with projected capacity of 4 million m3. They are working [...]

Price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood in India

The price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood between 16-31 January 2017.    Plantation teak prices [...]

Japan: Lumber demand and supply forecasts for 2017

The Timber Supply and Demand Conference of Japan, which handles five groups of imported wood products, recently released the data [...]

Japan raises plywood import prices, while Malaysian firms get the gains

If the yen remains weak, the price for Malaysian plywood products on the Japanese market might increase.    [...]

Prices for lumber in the US went $11 up at the beginning of February

Lumber trading in the US remained constant through the middle of last week, but started to increase on Thursday and [...]

Roundwood, sawnwood and plywood exports from Russia increased during January-November 2016

Russian roundwood, sawnwood and plywood export volumes increased during January-November 2016.    During the mentioned period [...]

Russia beats China as the no.1 plywood supplier to the EU

Russia has become no. 1 plywood supplier to the EU in the first ten months of 2016, surpassing China and [...]

Lumber prices in the US on the upturn

Framing lumber demand in the US started to recover during last week, and in some species trading picked up sharply [...]

Lumber prices in the US face sloppy start of 2017

Many framing lumber traders started the year at a disappointing level, due to the wintry weather. Moreover, the uncertainty surrounding [...]