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UK TTF agrees to mandatory 3rd party plywood testing

At a recent meeting, the National Panel Products Division of the UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF) unanimously agreed a requirement [...]

EU unable to assess China’s okoumé plywood production

The European Commission is unable to accurately assess the level of China’s okoumé plywood production. A rough estimate using [...]

EU okoumé plywood consumption falls 35%

The data gathered by the review investigation carried by the EC – which focuses on the years 2012 to 2015 shows [...]

China: Plywood dominates wood-based panel exports

China’s wood-based panel exports in 2016 totaled 15 million cubic meters valued at US$670 million, a year [...]

Latest Indian prices for teak, sawnwood and plywood at the end of April

The price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood between 16-30 April, 2017    Plantation teak prices [...]

EU review highlights fragility of okoumé plywood sector

The EU renewed anti-dumping duties on imports of okoumé plywood manufactured in China on 7th April.    [...]

Brazil’s latest prices for logs, sawnwood and plywood

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood prices 16-30 April 2017)        [...]

US plywood imports from Malaysia triple

US hardwood plywood imports declined in February after two consecutive months of growth. February imports decreased 9% to 313,168 [...]

Brazilian wood-based products rise 12.2% in March

In March 2017 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 12,2% in value compared to [...]

Forecast: Japan’s wood demand and supply in 2017

Japan's Forestry Agency forecasts stable wood demand for 2017, but the housing starts is predicted to 4.4% less [...]