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Record wood pellets production in Germany amid capacity expansions and good raw materials supply

With 740,000 t, German producers of wood pellets set a production record in the third quarter of 2019. Compared [...]

High level of production in Russia’s wood industry: lumber +16%; pellets +21%

Over the past eight months of this year, the Russian domestic timber industry has been showing steady growth in almost [...]

Sharp rise in EU wood pellet production

With a production of about 16.9 mmt in 2018, about fifty percent of global production, the EU is the [...]

Rising wood pellet production in the US

The US pellet plants have produced a total of 1,727 million tonnes of pellets during the first quarter of [...]

Latvia’s wood pellet production is expected to continue growth in 2017

The pellet production in Latvia will continue moderate expansion in 2016-2017 as two, new large-scale pellet mills will [...]

EU renewable energy targets supporting the boom in global wood pellet production

Worldwide wood pellet production might blow due to the growing demand for bioenergy, set by the renewable energy targets and [...]
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