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Finland’s lumber output forecast to rise in 2018 due to rising exports to China, N. Africa and Japan

The growth of the global economy, increasing demand for forest industry products and investments in Finland’s forest sector continue [...]

China is set to become the number-one customer for Finland’s softwood lumber

The volume of Finnish sawmill exports reached a new all-time high last year. The trend will continue this year [...]

Holmen to acquire Linghem sawmill from Rörvik Timber

Holmen has signed an agreement on the 21st of March, to acquire Linghem Sawmill from its present owner, Rörvik [...]

Metsä Group sales above the 5 billion mark in 2015

Metsä Group reported increased sales in 2015, reaching a total amount of EUR 5,016 million, compared to EUR 4 [...]

Exports in Finland’s forest industry expected to rise in 2014 and 2015

The world economic growth and a slight economic recovery in Europe will improve the outlook for the Finnish forest industry [...]