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Lumber prices in the US go further into record-highs

Framing lumber prices in the US reached further record-highs during last week, as robust seasonal demand overwhelmed supplies.   [...]

US lumber prices soared as pressing needs increased

Lumber prices in the US went higher during last week, as buyers tried to cover pressing needs. Extended mill order [...]

Strong European and N. American OSB demand brings great performance for Norbord’s Q1/2018

With strong OSB demand in both North America and Europe, Norbord continues to deliver robust results in the first three [...]

Martco starts production at 750,000 m3/yr OSB plant in Corrigan, Texas

Martco’s new OSB plant in Corrigan, Texas, has been completed. On April 24, at 10:18 a.m., the [...]

Lumber market in the US driven by increased demand; prices boomed

The framing lumber in the US was mainly driven by an increased seasonal demand during last week. This made the [...]

US lumber prices on the rise at the end of April

Framing lumber trading in the US rapidly increased during last week, while producers reacted with a firmer stance and higher [...]

Weyerhaeuser reaches $269 million net sales in Q1/2018

Weyerhaeuser reported Q1 2018 net earnings of $269 million (+71.3% YoY) on net sales of $1.87 billion (+10 [...]

Lumber prices in the US on steep decline

Lumber sales trends in the US pointed decidedly downward during last week, with cuts deepening in most dry species and [...]

Lumber trading in the US declined, with wider prices cuts

Trading in framing lumber in the US softened during last week, while the cuts in prices widened. Buyers held back [...]

US lumber prices start to descend for the first time since December

The record run in framing lumber prices in the US stopped last week, as the cracks in prices widened across [...]