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Plywood market in the Middle East is set to rise robustly

   Middle East's plywood market is performing robustly for at least the past 10 years and is set [...]

Biesse Middle East gets EUR 1.3 million contracts at Dubai Woodshow 2018

Biesse Middle East has signed contracts worth more than Euro 1.3 million euros at the Dubai Woodshow. The 13th [...]

Italian wood products sector eyeing growth in North Africa and Middle East

The strategy is that of looking at medium-long-term developments, without being too influenced by the signs of economic [...]

Finnish sawmills boost softwood lumber exports to Middle East

The import of softwood lumber in the Middle East from the main European exporters and North America was 2.62 [...]

Demand for US softwoods in Mena region expected to climb

Once with the booming construction and housing market in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena region), US softwood exports [...]

US and Europe hardwood producers focus on the Middle East and North Africa

More and more wood companies from Europe and the United States are interested to invest in the sales of their [...]