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Softwood lumber and logs imports to China tripled during the last 10 years

Softwood logs and softwood lumber imports to China have more than tripled in ten years with lumber volumes surpassing logs [...]

Lumber prices in the US set new highs; sales on decline

Framing lumber sales in the US started to descend, as compared to the last two weeks. Yet, prices continued to [...]

Lumber prices in the US go further into record-highs

Framing lumber prices in the US reached further record-highs during last week, as robust seasonal demand overwhelmed supplies.   [...]

Conifex buys $258 million sawmills in the US to increase capacity by 50%

Conifex Timber Inc. says it has reached an agreement with Blue Wolf Capital Partners to buy sawmills in Florida and [...]

US lumber prices head to record-highs, due to tight supply and trade tariffs

The US lumber market is ready to boom, with futures rising to another record on the 14th of May, due [...]

US lumber prices soared as pressing needs increased

Lumber prices in the US went higher during last week, as buyers tried to cover pressing needs. Extended mill order [...]

Swedish sawmills should tackle global falling demand for pine lumber with more niche products

Swedish sawmills and wood-processing companies are operating at high activity levels due to a high demand on the global [...]

Matsumoto Lumber to invest in a new sawline in Japan

Matsumoto Lumber ordered a full-profiling Scala 250 sawline from Heinola Sawmill Machinery for its new sawmill in Japan. The [...]

Forestry companies in Canada see great increase as share prices soar awaiting the lumber supercycle

The major forestry companies in Canada are experiencing important growth as their share prices increase, despite the trade dispute with [...]

Japan’s lumber imports went up by 12.8% in Q1/2018

The average price for imported lumber in Japan increased 12.8% YoY, to $380 per m3 in Q1 2018. Moreover [...]