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Sawmill production costs in Brazil, Russia and Finland on the rise

Production cost margins for sawmills in Brazil, Russia and Finland have fallen during the first half of 2017, while they [...]

Lumber prices in the US continued to rise last week

Sales of framing lumber in the US slowed down last week, but the demand outstripped production in most species and [...]

Softwood lumber more expensive in Austria

In August, softwood lumber assortments have become more expensive in Austria. As compared to July, boards and reserve squared timber [...]

France: Softwood and hardwood lumber prices for Q2/2017

FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 2nd quarter 2017           Prices 2017 [...]

Lumber prices in the US impacted by natural disasters

Trading in framing lumber in the US recovered last week, after a slow pace at the beginning of September.  [...]

Klausner postpones opening of second lumber mill in the US

    Klausner Lumber Two mill was set to open in July, but due to some programming at [...]

NAHB urges Trump administration to watch over lumber price gouging after Hurricane Harvey

The NAHB called on the Trump administration to protect consumers against pricing gouging--particularly involving lumber--as they recover from [...]

Stable softwood lumber exports for Swedish sawmills

In May 2017, the Swedish sawmills exported the same amount of softwood lumber in sawn and planed form, as compared [...]

US postpones final duties on Canadian lumber

Wilbur Ross, the US Commerce Secretary, announced on the 28th of August a 2-1/2 month delay in determining [...]

Lumber markets in the US went down towards the end of August

The framing lumber markets in the US have experienced a recent stillness during last week, which led producers to explore [...]