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Rising trend of Russian lumber prices expected to continue

The upward trend of Russian lumber may continue into June this year. From January to October 2021, the market price [...]

B.C. lumber producers on a roller-coaster ride due to price changes

BC Lumber producers are accustomed to boom and bust cycles, but the past two years have been surprisingly volatile for [...]

China updates phytosanitary requirements for pine logs and lumber imports

China’s General Administration of Customs released new phytosanitary requirements for pine logs and lumber from 7 countries (United States [...]

Increased export duties for Russian lumber are now in effect

The higher duty rate for exports of certain kinds of lumber previously announced by the Russian government went into effect [...]

UK now faces softwood overstocking and falling prices

    As imports continued to pile into the UK through September and October, the on-the-ground [...]

European, US demand for wood products boosted global lumber trade in 2021

This year, the strong demand for wood products in Europe and North America has increased lumber trade during the first [...]

Teal Jones to build large sawmill in Louisiana

Teal Jones Group owners Tom and Dick Jones announced that the company is evaluating Bossier Parish, Louisiana, for a planned [...]

Sky-high lumber prices are back in North America

Builders are buying lumber while floods in British Columbia limited supplies. Cash prices are also very high. Pricing service Random [...]

Current trends in the global forest industry

Record-high lumber prices in North America and Europe have moved both sawlog demand and values to some of their [...]

China: Rise in CIF prices for lumber imports

According to China Customs in the third quarter of 2021 lumber imports totalled 21.91 million cubic metres valued at [...]