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Japan’s lumber industry under pressure due to ban on Russian wood

The global lumber industry has been through a tumultuous period over the past year or so due to wood shortages [...]

Extreme supply chain chaos hits lumber industry in North America

The strangest North American lumber market in memory keeps getting stranger.    Canfor Corp., one of North [...]

Canada’s lumber industry wants to be paid back for US duties

Canada’s softwood lumber industry wants the Biden administration to refund billions of dollars that companies have paid since 2017 [...]

Global wood shortage and soaring prices threaten lumber industry in Japan

A global shortage of wood and soaring prices are threatening Japan’s lumber industry and has business operators fearing serious [...]

BC forest industry going full-tilt due to record-breaking lumber prices

Finally, some good news for B.C.’s forestry sector. After hundreds of jobs were lost and a number of [...]

Russian exports of softwood lumber to the US on a booming trend due to dispute with Canada

One of the results of the softwood lumber trade dispute between Canada and the US is that Russia has emerged [...]

Rumours of Canfor-West Fraser mega-merger spreading

The current activities at West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. revealing that British Columbian billionaire Jim Pattison owns a significant minority [...]

Sustained growth expected in the US wood industry in 2017

US wood products industry experts forecat moderate growth in housing starts for 2017, while the construction market already accounts for [...]