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Considerable drop in New Zealand log export prices in October

With record high prices in the traditionally slow months of June and July now, New Zealand log export prices have [...]

Finland: Price of logs expected to rise 12% this year

The Finnish timber market will pick up significantly this and next year, says the Finnish Pellervo Institute PTT). The rise [...]

Germany: Wood prices are stabilizing

The Bavarian State Forests are now reporting that the wood price has stabilized for the first time in more than [...]

German forest owners get more money on rising of wood prices

    The wood prices have risen sharply recently. However, the price increase for German forest owners was [...]

Trends in the global forest industry in Q3/2021

Softwood sawlog prices have gone up in worldwide in the past year. By far, the most significant increases have occurred [...]

New Zealand log prices in September flat as shipping congestion charges ease slightly

The September AWG prices for New Zealand export logs remained relatively unchanged from August prices. Pricing was flat to two [...]

New Zealand export log prices to China drop due to increased shipping costs

Prices for New Zealand exports of logs in August dropped around $35 per JAS m3 from July prices, due to [...]

Canadian lumber producers to move more to US South due to high log prices in BC

British Columbia is sharply increasing the cost of logs for lumber producers just as wood products prices slump and Canadian [...]

Record timber prices in Ireland

Despite the fact that wood prices have eased in North America, Ireland still has to face record log prices.  [...]

The price of logs in Estonia expected to rise further this autumn

    High demand for wood has led to a sharp increase in prices in Estonia, and compared [...]