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Kährs evaluates possible divestment of its operations in Russia

Kährs has, due to the prevailing market conditions, started a process to evaluate the possibilities and conditions for divesting [...]

Kährs Group to build a wood pellet plant in Nybro, Sweden

Kährs Group is constructing a pellet plant in Nybro, Sweden. The new plant is to be operational in December [...]

Kährs Group to acquire Swedish flooring distributor

Kährs Group has acquired Swedish flooring distributor Ehrenborg & Co. The takeover has been carried out with immediate effect [...]

Södra and Kährs Group to enter new oak partnership

Södra and Kährs Group have signed a multi-year sales contract for oak logs from Södra’s [...]

Kährs Group reports positive growth in Europe

Kährs Group's 3Q 2016 net sales amounted to SEK 708 million ($77 million), an increase of SEK 19 [...]

Kährs Group reports solid 2Q/2016

Net sales of the Swedish wood flooring manufacturer Kährs for the period April-June 2016 amounted to SEK 755 [...]

Kährs Group achieves higher profits in 2015

Net sales of the Swedish wood flooring manufacturer Kährs totalled SEK 667 million in the fourth quarter of 2015 [...]

Kährs increases hardwood flooring sales

Kährs Group reported a positive third quarter. Net sales of the Group rose SEK 62 million, or ten percent [...]

Kährs group states higher sales for the second quarter

The Swedish flooring manufacturer Kährs has finished the second quarter of 2015 with an increase in net sales of [...]

Kährs Group buys part of Croatian Pozgaj Flooring

Kährs Group announced it acquires part of recently formed Croatian Pozgaj Flooring to strengthen the supply footprint.   [...]