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Italy: New law to boost use of certified or recycled timber

Italy’s timber sector has seen advantages for the industry in a new law that at least 50% of wood [...]

Germany and Italy see healthy wood furniture export growth

Germany and Italy, the traditional heavyweights in European furniture making, both achieved above-average growth in their wood furniture exports [...]

Italian woodworking giants, SCM&Biesse, achieve considerable growth in 2015

Italian woodworking machinery giants have reported a considerable growth in 2015. One of the giants of the industry, the SCM [...]

Italian woodworking machinery industry up sharply in 2015

The Italian woodworking technology and wood-based materials industry keeps showing encouraging trends: preliminary figures for the current year speak [...]

Italian woodworking sector sees 15.9% international demand growth

In the second quarter 2015, Italian woodworking technology orders have increased, as further evidence of the positive trend that characterized [...]

20% more orders for the Italian woodworking industry

The fourth quarter 2014 brought more optimism about the “health” of Italian wood technology. In the final quarter of the [...]

Italy wants to double vat on wood pellets

The Italian government plans to increase the VAT on wood pellets from a current 10% to 22%. With the new [...]
December 18, 2014 Daily News / Wood pellets / Europe / Global

German and Italian furniture production continues to fall

    The value of wooden furniture production in Italy is estimated to have fallen 8% to €7 [...]

Recovery for the Italian woodworking machinery industry

The fourth quarter 2013 consolidated the moderate trend improvement recorded in previous quarters. Once again, the trend differs between foreign [...]

Weak year for the Italian woodworking industry

''We still have to wait for coveted recovery: as a matter of fact, 2013 has been poor of satisfaction''  [...]