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Record timber prices in Ireland

Despite the fact that wood prices have eased in North America, Ireland still has to face record log prices.  [...]

Ireland: Shortage of timber set to worsen as supply tightens

A crisis in supplies of timber In Ireland is set to deepen as overseas sources of logs dry up, industry [...]

UK timber trade faces difficulties after Brexit

A recent survey showed that after Brexit, difficulties in logistics, hindered timber trade with Northern Ireland, increased time and cost [...]

Ireland: Coillte wood supplies set to dry up next year

   Supplies of wood needed for home building from Irish State company Coillte are set to dry up next [...]

Why is Ireland running out of timber?

In order for the companies of the timber industry in Ireland to continue to work, the country will buy timber [...]

Ireland: Timber supply for 2020 and 2021 is “under severe threat”

Coillte has warned the Government that it could run out of timber to sell off before the end of the [...]

Ireland: Forestry crisis deepens as mills seek new supply

The owners of the Ireland's major sawmills have begun warning trade union officials of imminent extensive job losses because [...]

Forestry industry production in Ireland to double by 2035

The Irish forestry industry might invest around €250 million during the next years, in the preparation of a major expansion [...]

EIB announces multi-million backing for new investments in Irish forestry

    The European Investment Bank and Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) have agreed to back a new [...]
February 6, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Europe / Global

Ireland: Timber prices reach boom-times level

Timber prices in Ireland have long been higher than those in the UK. Analysts believe that the timber prices in [...]