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German furniture industry expects a 10% drop in sales for 2020

The German furniture industry has so far come through the corona crisis robustly compared to other economic sectors.   [...]

German sawmill industry exports hit with full force by the pandemic; upcoming period still uncertain

   The coronavirus pandemic severely hit the German sawmill and timber industry, especially export oriented companies, leading to production [...]

German timber industry under heavy pressure: coronavirus aggravates the ongoing bark beetle, storm crisis

The German forestry and timber industry was already in a state of emergency before the coronavirus pandemic: storms, drought and [...]

German furniture manufacturers cannot deliver ordered goods to China

   The effects of the coronavirus on the German-Chinese furniture trade are clearly noticeable, but not the only [...]

The German sawmill industry in difficulty due to massive amounts of beetle and storm wood

After the high amount of damaged timber from various windthrows and the subsequent problem of beetle wood, the sawmills focus [...]

The German wood industry in its fifth consecutive year of growth

The German wood industry is growing for the fifth year in a row. According to Johannes Schwörer, President of [...]

German furniture producer Vivonio acquires Dutch Noteborn

Dutch wardrobe manufacturer Noteborn has been acquired German furniture firm Vivonio Furniture GmbH as it expands its European presence.  [...]

German sawmills sales declined in November

The turnover of the German sawmills fell in November 2013 as compared to October. The decrease of the total turnover [...]

German sawmills recover sales in September

Sales of the German sawmills show a slight recovery in September from the holiday month of August. Total turnover in [...]