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Lumber prices in the US on the rise with the anticipated duties on Canadian exports

The framing lumber market in the US was active until Thursday, when the anticipated duties on Canadian exports to the [...]

Lumber prices in the US hit sharpest weekly gain, going $25 up

Framing lumber producers kept the prices at a high level, due to the Canadian mills levering quotes higher on expectations [...]

Lumber prices in the US on the upturn

Framing lumber demand in the US started to recover during last week, and in some species trading picked up sharply [...]

Lumber prices in the US face sloppy start of 2017

Many framing lumber traders started the year at a disappointing level, due to the wintry weather. Moreover, the uncertainty surrounding [...]

Lumber prices in the US drop but still higher than a year ago

The wintry weather has affected the framing lumber sales last week, while it also caused production and transportation problems.  [...]

US lumber prices fall at the beginning of 2017

Framing lumber prices remained as previously established due to uneventful trading. Buyers were low on circulating new inquiries, while the [...]

US lumber prices fell $5 at the begining of November

Framing lumber markets were very cautious last week, with trading in Canadian SPF going very low last Tuesday.   [...]

Lumber prices in the US on low trend, going down $6

Trading in framing lumber was dull during last week, because of little mill order files and fading consumption in the [...]

US lumber prices register first decline in five weeks

Many framing lumber prices ended up in poor trading last week in the US. Producers lowered quotes on #2& [...]

Lumber prices movements in the US surrounded by uncertainty in lumber trade issues

The framing lumber market met an ascended trend last week in some species, yet other species started to descend. Trading [...]