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Slow lumber market in the US affected prices last week

The slow trading pace in framing lumber markets in the US during last week has led to sloppy pricing at [...]

US lumber market registers calmer trading at the beginning of August

The US framing lumber market has reached a calmer pace after the mixed up trading registered at the end of [...]

US lumber prices trending upwards

During last week in the US, trading in framing lumber was mixed, but most price trends pointed upward.    [...]

US lumber prices on the rise through the end of July

Framing lumber prices went through strong increases in most species for a second consecutive week starting July 21st, in spite [...]

Lumber prices in the US grew by $2 last week

Framing lumber trading the US was affected by the holidays and Tuesday's 4th of July. This created plenty of [...]

Lumber prices in the US on steady level at the end of June

Trading in framing lumber in the US started to recover during the middle of last week. This included Southern Pine [...]

Lumber prices in the US hold stable during last week

Framing lumber markets were mixed during last week in the US. There was a strengthening trend in western and Canadian [...]

US lumber prices in week 05-09 June

The interest in buying framing lumber in the US grew during last week, while the prices ended the week on [...]

US lumber prices drop at the beginning of June

The beginning of June 2017 recorded a slow start for sales of framing lumber, mainly due to the US holiday [...]

US lumber prices rise sharply despite sales slowing down

Framing lumber sales have slowed down, as secondaries focused on selling from their own inventories and dealers struggled to absorb [...]