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Irish sawmills have spent €200M in recent years on capacity expansions

Ireland is forecast to double its timber harvest in the next decade. The industry provides numerous jobs to many parts [...]

Sustainable Forest Biomass in the light of COP21 (Paris) conference at the European Parliament

On the 1st of December, the EOS Secretariat has participated in the conference Sustainable Forest Biomass in the light of [...]

IKEA bought another 12,800 hectares of forests in Romania

IKEA has recently bought 12,800 hectares of forests in Iasi and Neamt counties, in Romania. The Swedish furniture group [...]

UK’s forest resources at expiry point; sustainable practices required

UK businesses have to invest in a sustainable forest management as to assure the timber access their businesses rely on [...]

IKEA might buy more forests in Romania

IKEA has boosted the capital of IRI Investments, the company that bought 33,000 hectares of forest in Romania last [...]

UN/FAO: State of the World’s Forests 2016

While agriculture remains the most significant driver of global deforestation, there is an urgent need to promote more positive interactions [...]

How can European state forests contribute to post-2020 EU climate policy targets?

Forests and sustainable forest management (SFM) continue to be firmly on the international climate change agenda. At the COP 21 [...]
July 6, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Europe / Global

Sustainable Innovative Mobilization of Wood project goes on

In November 2013, 28 organisations from 11 countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United [...]

US forests are threatened by increasing drought

Climate change and increasing drought are affecting the US forests, as a new study released by Duke University shows. The [...]
March 3, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Global / North America

COP 21: Implications of Paris Agreement for the forest industry

The UN climate summit in Paris that ended on December 12th did not deliver on all fronts, providing no guarantee [...]
January 18, 2016 Global Trends / Market Analysis / Forestry / Global