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Many uncertainties for the Swedish forest industry in 2022

    2021 was a strong year for the Swedish forest industry with production records, strong demand and [...]

Impact of sanctions on the Russian forest industry

Russia is home to one-fifth of the world’s forest and further exploiting this resource could help the country [...]

The effects of the war in Ukraine are still unclear for the Finnish forest industry

The Finnish forest industry had already prepared for export restrictions.    "The situation is very unclear," commented [...]

The Estonian timber industry is increasingly dependent on imports

    In the last few years, imports of raw materials for the Estonian wood industry have increased [...]

Crisis growing in the Irish forest industry

According to the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), Ireland’s forest industry remains in crisis. Delays in issuing licenses needed to [...]

Trends in the global forest industry in Q3/2021

Softwood sawlog prices have gone up in worldwide in the past year. By far, the most significant increases have occurred [...]

New investments in Russia’s forest industry

Russia is investing in the forest industry, and new plants are planned in Arkhangelsk and Karelia.     [...]

Implications of the roundwood export ban on the Russian forest industry

Russia has been one of the largest roundwood traders globally for many years by its roughly 10-20% share of [...]

Exports of Finland’s forest industry fall sharply in Jan.-Nov. 2020

In January-November Finland's wood imports totalled 11.56 million cubic metres and increased by seven per cent compared [...]

Exports of Finland’s forest industry fall sharply in Jan.-Oct. 2020

In October 2020 the exports value of Finland's forest industry products totaled EUR 0.87 billion. In January-October [...]