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Improving demand for wood furniture throughout the EU

Of the EU member states, the UK remains by far the largest single importer of wood furniture from outside the [...]

Rising E.U. exports of softwood lumber to U.S. in 2015

The U.S. has significantly increased its imports of European softwood lumber in 2015. The volume was up by 67 [...]

EU furniture imports dominated by China

After a rather patchy development between 2009 and 2013, when signs of growth were always immediately followed by renewed weakness [...]

Substantial EU trade surplus in wooden furniture

EU countries imported wood furniture worth €5.78 billion from outside the EU in 2015, 13% more than in 2014 [...]

Poland ratifies large-scale logging in the ancient Bialowieza forest

Poland has recently ratified large-scale logging in the Bialowieza forest, the last ancient woodland. The decision comes in an [...]
March 30, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Europe / Global

EU and Ghana met to review VPA

The European Union and the Government of Ghana have met recently to discuss the terms and progress for implementing the [...]
March 24, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Africa / Europe / Global

Limited access to certification for wood imported from outside EU

In contrast to intra-EU trade, level of exposure to some form of certification or legality verification of all EU [...]
March 21, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Europe / Global

Legality verification and certification in EU wood supply

Just how much of the wood traded internationally derives from legal and sustainable sources is a question frequently asked by [...]

Value of EU exports of wood products at all time record in 2015

The relative weakness of EU currencies, combined with a strong focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency in the European [...]

Ghana: 80% of the timber is illegally harvested

As it has been recently announced by Nii Osah Mills, the The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources in Ghana [...]
March 17, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Africa / Global