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Canadian EACOM Timber has confidence in future lumber trade with US

Eacom Timber Corporation doesn't think that is necessary to search for new opportunities on overseas markets now that the [...]

Eacom installs continuous dry kiln at Timmins; increases annual production

Eacom Timber Corporation announced that it has successfully completed the installation of a Continuous Dry Kiln at its Timmins sawmill [...]

EACOM Timber acquires Anthony-EACOM from Canfor

EACOM Timber Corporation has completed the purchase of Anthony-EACOM shares from Canfor Corporation.    Anthony-EACOM [...]

EACOM Timber concerned about the lack of a softwood lumber agreement

EACOM Timber Corporation, together with other such companies in Ontario, think that a new round of US duties on Canadian [...]

EACOM Timber to start production at Ear Falls sawmill

Four years after it was bought from the former owner, Domtar, Ear Falls sawmill located in northwestern Ontario has started [...]