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Crisis growing in the Irish forest industry

According to the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), Ireland’s forest industry remains in crisis. Delays in issuing licenses needed to [...]

Global supply chain crisis could stretch into 2023

The supply chain crisis threatening the global economy risks lasting at least another year unless governments step in to help [...]

BC’s forest products sector, amid mill shuts, job losses, in worse crisis than during 2008 global meltdown

The crisis facing British Columbia's forest industry is intensifying as markets decline, mills shut and a strike involving 3 [...]

Video: Why 25 B.C. lumber mills have stopped operating?

The heavily interconnected B.C. forestry sector is facing a crisis as 25 mills have ceased operating this year, leaving [...]

Cameroonian government commission to investigate Douala port operations

The Cameroon government has appointed a new Commission to investigate the failed operations at Douala Port.     [...]

2016 could bring a new financial crisis, warns economist

The City of London’s most vocal “bear” has warned that the world is heading for a financial crisis as [...]

EU: plywood imports reach highest price since financial crisis

EU28 imports of plywood increased 12% to 3.7 million cu.m in 2014, the highest level since before the [...]