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The climate is putting European forests under sustained pressure, study says

No year since weather records began was as hot and dry as 2018. A first comprehensive analysis of the consequences [...]

Global forest products industry should be part of the solution to climate change

The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) and its members welcome the signing of the landmark United Nations [...]

Europe fights climate change by planting 600,000 ha of forests

Around 600,000 ha of forests will be planted in Europe in the next 5 years. This investment will have [...]
March 24, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Europe / Global

COP 21: Implications of Paris Agreement for the forest industry

The UN climate summit in Paris that ended on December 12th did not deliver on all fronts, providing no guarantee [...]
January 18, 2016 Global Trends / Market Analysis / Forestry / Global