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Chinese hardwood chips imports to hit new record

Roughly half of all hardwood chips traded in the Pacific Rim have been destined for Chinese ports in the 1H [...]

Accsys to build Tricoya wood chip plant in Hull, UK

Accsys announced an agreement to build, operate and finance the world’s first Tricoya® wood chip manufacturing plant in Hull [...]

New record high for globally traded wood chips in 2016

Over the past 15 years, global trade of wood chips has gone up almost 75%, mainly because of major expansion [...]

Global hardwood chips prices fall to record low

The prices for globally traded hardwood chips fell to a record low in May 2016, while softwood chip prices reached [...]

Finland: Forest chips consumption went down in 2015

Heating and power plants consumed a total of 18.3 million m3 of solid wood fuels in 2015 in Finland [...]

China is now the largest export market for Australian Eucalyptus wood chips

Australia has increased exportation of Eucalyptus chips by 58% in three years to reach a record-high in 2015, according [...]

Global prices for hardwood chips down 14%

Prices for hardwood chips traded overseas have been in steady decline since November 2011. In less than four years, the [...]

India to rely on hardwood chips imports because of lack in forest resources

India has limited domestic forest resources to supply its forest industry, and with growing domestic demand for forest products, the [...]

Prices between hardwood and softwood chips show higher gap

The price discrepancy between overseas traded hardwood and softwood chips was at its greatest in February 2015 when compared to [...]

Global hardwood chips prices trending downwards

Prices for hardwood chip shipped over the Pacific Rim and the Atlantic to markets in Asia and Europe have trended [...]