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Timber prices in China forecast to rise in 2018

The trend for timber price index in China during 2017 was on the rise, even if it was affected by [...]

China: New green tax will add to timber production costs

It has been reported that China will introduce an environment protection tax in January this year.      [...]

China’s logs and lumber imports set record-high increases in 2017

China's softwood and hardwood logs imports grew by 42% during the last 5 years, while the lumber imports jumped [...]

China: Strong reaction to anti-dumping penalties in the US

The US International Trade Commission has issued a final ruling in the China hardwood plywood case confirming that, in their [...]

China’s forestry sector output value to amount to $1.1 trillion in 2017

China's forestry sector output value is likely to reach 7 trillion yuan (approx. $1.1 trillion) in 2017, due [...]

Review of China’s first half hardwood log & sawnwood imports

In the first half of 2017 China’s hardwood log imports totalled 8.38 million cubic metres.    [...]

China: Plywood production up by 7%

In 2016 plywood production rose 7% to 177.56 million cubic metres accounting for nearly 60% of total woodbased panel [...]

Falling EU imports of mixed hardwood plywood from China

After rising strongly in 2016, EU imports of hardwood plywood have been slowing this year. The decline in imports has [...]

New Zealand: Foresters benefit from high log prices

Increased demand for New Zealand logs coming from China leads the foresters to take advantage of the strong log prices [...]