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Top North American softwood lumber producers

Top 40 Canadian and US softwood lumber producers held a steady production growth in 2016, due to the cooperation of [...]

US duties lead Canada to drive wood exports to China

A further rise in the US tariffs on Canadian softwood might lead to a lumber exports increase to China and [...]

Canada and the US have slight chances to resolve lumber dispute by mid-August

By the time talks of renewing NAFTA start in mid-August, there are small chances for Canada and the US [...]

Biggest shareholder in Canfor acquires large stake in West Fraser Timber

Jim Pattison, a billionaire from British Columbia, has recently acquired a 10.1% stake in West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd [...]

US softwood lumber prices reach highest price level since 2004

Softwood lumber prices in the US have reached their highest levels since September 2014. This represents a 13.4% y [...]

Resolute Forest Products cuts shifts at seven sawmills due to US lumber duties

Forestry workers in Quebec prepare for the layoffs start, as a result of the softwood lumber dispute with the United [...]

US sawmills increase softwood lumber production in January-February

US sawmills produced 5.285 billion board ft. (bbf) of softwood lumber in the first two months of 2017, a [...]

West Fraser Timber set on upgrading mills in US South

The “macro fundamentals” setting the tone for lumber markets in North America are “very positive,” notwithstanding challenges such as transportation [...]

Resolute Forest Products will pay more than $75 million a year in duties

Resolute Forest Products Inc., the world’s largest newsprint maker, announced that it will be forced to fork over as [...]

Tembec anticipates lumber prices will rise to balance the cost of US softwood duties

Tembec Inc. announced it expected a share of the new softwood lumber duties imposed by the US last month on [...]