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Softwood lumber prices in the US nearly reach all-time high due to dispute with Canada

Softwood lumber prices in the US have boomed to near-records highs on the 15th of November.     [...]

UK wood pellets growing demand fuels rise in Canadian exports

Exports of Canadian wood pellets used as biomass fuel have increased by 46% in 2016, when the UK demand boomed [...]

US DoC announces final antidumping and countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on the 2nd of November the affirmative final determinations of the antidumping duty [...]

Forest fire-season in British Columbia got lumber exports down by 14%

Trade statistics in British Columbia show overall exports down by 14% at the end of August, due to the damage [...]

Canada-US softwood lumber trade on impasse, West Fraser CEO predicts

The US lumber lobby doesn't want to make any compromise regarding the softwood dispute with Canada. This goes for [...]

Japanese Sumitomo acquires 48% share in B.C. wood-pellet producer

A wood pellet manufacturing plant from Prince George (2nd largest in Canada), has recently sold 48% stake in the company [...]

US sawmills increased softwood lumber production by 2.5% during 1H/2017

During the first half of 2017, sawmills in the U.S. produced 16.954 billion board ft. (bbf) of softwood [...]

Russian exports of softwood lumber to the US on a booming trend due to dispute with Canada

One of the results of the softwood lumber trade dispute between Canada and the US is that Russia has emerged [...]

US postpones final duties on Canadian lumber

Wilbur Ross, the US Commerce Secretary, announced on the 28th of August a 2-1/2 month delay in determining [...]

US softwood imports from Germany increase tenfold

US softwood imports from Germany have increased tenfold during the first half of 2017, as the Canadian softwood imports were [...]