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BSW Group to acquire stake shed manufacturer

    BSW Group (now part of Binderholz), the largest integrated forestry business in the UK, has acquired [...]

BSW Group to close a sawmill

Citing a downturn in demand across the global timber industry, the war in Ukraine, and increasing energy costs, the BSW [...]

BSW to acquire the Building and Supply Solutions division of SCA Wood UK

BSW has acquired the Building and Supply Solutions division of SCA Wood UK, which includes the manufacture and distribution of [...]

BSW Sawmills UK log buying team will be merged with Tilhill’s timber harvesting team

The final stage of the completion of Tilhill Forestry’s integration into the BSW Group has been announced on the [...]

UK’s BSW Timber builds biomass boiler

BSW Timber might be now the first sawmiller in the UK to generate electricity from biomass fuel from a £2 [...]

Scottish BSW Timber increases profits despite shaky markets

BSW Timber, the Scottish sawmill business based at Earlston in the Borders, defeated the effect of the log prices increase [...]