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One of the largest Baltic wood product groups suspends business in Belarus

    After stopping the construction of a new plant in Vitebsk, one of the largest wood and [...]

Belarusian wood processing companies reorienting exports to Russia and China due to European sanctions

In the context of Western sanctions, Belarusian wood processing companies are developing exports to Russia and China.    [...]

The race to replace Russia will increase the demand for Finnish softwood lumber

The next few years will see a major change in the Finnish forest industry, as Russia and Belarus are out [...]

ENplus suspended all certified pellet companies in Belarus and Russia

In response to Russia's illegitimate invasion of Ukraine, ENplus, a world-leading certification scheme to guarantee high-quality wood [...]

Estonian timber industry to be hit hard by trade bans with Russia and Belarus

The volume of felling in the state forest should be increased rapidly and a clear framework for action should be [...]

UK timber industry advised to cease trading with Russia and Belarus

With the invasion of Ukraine ongoing, Timber Development UK (TDUK) is advising all members to cease trade with Russia and [...]

FSC suspends wood certification in Russia and Belarus

The FSC International Board of Directors has agreed to suspend all trading certificates in Russia and Belarus and to block [...]

EU bans wood, lumber imports from Belarus

The European Union has banned most imports from Belarus over its involvement in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On Wednesday [...]

Latvian timber industry concerned about trade with Belarus

Latvian timber industry has recently raised alarm that the Latvian banks are being overly cautious regarding business with Belarus and [...]

Large Chinese timber importer to invest in Belarusian wood processing sector

Kangkai Zhiguan (Heze) Industrial Development, a large Chinese importer of timber, accredited at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE), plans [...]