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Czech Republic will cancel compensation for bark beetles due to skyrocketing wood prices

Czech forest owners can no longer count on the state to compensate them for low prices with huge sums. Wood [...]

Volume of bark beetle damaged wood in Europe expected to be less pronounced this year

Over the last few years, Central European forests (but also parts of Sweden, France, and Belgium) have been ravaged by [...]

Wood prices will rise in the Czech Republic

According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, almost 36 million cubic meters of wood were harvested in Czech forests [...]

Timber prices in the Netherlands doubled in recent months

Timber prices in the Netherlands have more than doubled in recent months. It's also not clear when those prices [...]

Germany: Is the lumber price rally long-lasting?

The coronavirus crisis has hit many sectors of the economy in Germany, but the lumber industry certainly isn't one [...]

Logging in Germany reaches a new record in 2020 due to forest damage

In 2020, 80.4 million cubic meters of wood were felled in German forests. This means that logging reached a [...]

Germany to limit spruce logging

The German Federal Council accepted the Forest Damage Compensation Act on March 26th. Because the large amounts of damaged wood [...]

Climatic factors may lead to a significant reduction in bark beetle damage in Europe

If there is no large-scale drought in 2021, it will effectively reduce forest damage caused by bark beetles in [...]