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Russia to gradually increase log export duties in order to promote domestic wood proccessing

The Russian government announced a new ministerial ordinance regarding log exports from the Far East regions. It states that if [...]

European Commission punishes Ukraine over roundwood export ban

The refusal of the European Commission to transfer to Kyiv a third tranche, under the assistance program, for EUR 600 [...]
December 11, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Sawmilling / Europe

Zambia expands ban on timber exports to all species

The Zambian government on Tuesday extended its ban on timber exports to all types of timber in the country.  [...]
June 16, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling / Africa / Global

Ghana: Rosewood trade ban lifted

The ban on trade in rosewood (Pterocarpus erinaceus) has been lifted as mechanisms are in place to regulate harvesting, processing [...]
May 16, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling

Vietnamese wood enterprises propose ban of logs exports

In order to solve Vietnam's timber processing and export of raw materials problems, the Vietnamese enterprises have proposed to [...]

Ukraine bans exports of pine logs as of January 2017

Ukraine has completely prohibited exports of any kind of roundwood from the country on January 1, 2017. According to the [...]
January 10, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Sawmilling / Europe / Global

Myanmar logging ban to be lifted next year

Myanmar's Government will allow log harvesting in the next fiscal year 2017-18, under limit, after the suspension of [...]
September 14, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Asia & Middle East / Global

Logging ban in Myamar until March 2017

The new Government of Myanmar has agreed a temporary national logging ban and a 10-year logging ban in the [...]

Myanmar might impose log harvesting ban

The Director General of Myanmar's Forestry Department has submitted a proposal to the new government advising a halt to [...]

Gabon introduces restrictions on air dry sawnwood export

The private sector in Gabon is reporting that the government will go ahead with the introduction of regulations limiting the [...]
April 4, 2016 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Sawmilling / Africa / Global