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March 4, 2019

Sweden’s tallest timber building completed

Sweden’s tallest timber building completed

C.F. Møller Architects have completed Sweden’s tallest timber building, which is now accepting its first tenants. Situated in Västerås, one hour from Stockholm, the building is constructed from solid timber in order to radically reduce CO2 emissions, positively affect the indoor climate, and enhance the interior quality of life.

The 8.5-story-high tower features an elevated ground floor and double-height top floor, with all walls, beams, balconies, lifts, and stairwells made from cross-laminated timber. The use of CNC-milled solid timber and glulam allows for an airtight, energy-efficient structure without the need for additional cladding.

Each floor of the scheme has four flats, with each floor taking three craftsmen an average of three days to construct. The use of mechanical joints and screws allows for the future dismantling of the building, so as to allow for materials to be reused.

''The building in Kajstaden constitutes a new chapter in the history of construction, as it is currently Sweden's tallest solid-timber building. Through research projects and our other timber projects, we have focused on innovation and contributed towards developing ways of realizing high-rise buildings made of timber. Industrial timber technology also provides architects with better tools for designing beautiful houses that boast a high degree of detail,'' said Ola Jonsson, associate partner at C.F. Møller Architects

The scheme was developed in collaboration with Martinsons, Bjerking and Consto AB, with Slättö Förvaltning as the client.



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