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March 25, 2021

Södra to invest in new CLT facility in Värö, Sweden

Södra to invest in new CLT facility in Värö, Sweden

Södra is investing in a new facility that will increase the production capacity of timber frames ten-fold.

The new facility is being built at the combined plant in Värö, Sweden, where Södra’s first CLT facility is located.

The new facility (concept in the photo above) is expected to be commissioned in mid-2022 – and it will get off to a flying start.

The facility will be able to deliver frame material for 4,000 homes each year, representing a ten-fold increase in production compared with current levels at Södra’s existing facility.

The plant premises will comprise a 270 metre-long building. The frame consists of glued-laminated timber (GLT), which is combined with CLT, naturally produced by Södra, just as Södra is responsible for the remainder of the structural timber and the cladding of the building.

“Increasing timber-frame construction is a key aspect of the climate transition and there are multiple advantages with CLT. In addition to at least halving the climate impact compared with other material, this technology also results in a shorter construction time. This is a key milestone in Södra’s initiative to become one of the Nordic region’s leading players in CLT,” said Lotta Lyrå, President and CEO of Södra.



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