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October 31, 2016

Södra announces strong sales in construction timber

Södra announces strong sales in construction timber

Södra has announced a strong sales trend for construction timber in its Swedish, UK and Dutch markets.

The market for September was very high on sales figures for the Swedish building materials market, while October followed the same pattern. These increases should be viewed in light of the extremely high levels recorded in 2015, a year that was something of a record for sales to the Swedish building materials trade.

In total, Södra delivered 275,000 cubic metres of construction timber in 2015. But compared with September 2015, sales have now increased a further 10 percent, while figures for October are 6 percent higher than in the preceding year.

This confirms an important trend for timber construction. Sweden is becoming increasingly aware of the fantastic raw material that wood represents,” said Jörgen Lindqvist, business area president for Södra Wood.

Aside from construction timber, there is robust demand for processed wood products, such as coated cladding. Coated cladding can be installed year-round, making construction less seasonally dependent.

The Swedish market accounts for 35 percent of the total market and is the largest single market for Södra’s sales of construction timber to industry and the building trade.



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