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March 4, 2016

Setra to invest in a new log feeder at Kastet sawmill

Setra to invest in a new log feeder at Kastet sawmill

Setra has decided to commission Gösta Hedlund AB to install a new log feeder at Kastet sawmill in Gävle, Sweden. The new log feeder is expected to be in place during autumn 2016.

The investment in a new log feeder at Setra Kastet will secure Kastet’s current production level while enabling continued good development of the business.

“The investment at Setra Kastet is intended to further improve efficiency at a well-performing unit and at the same time strengthen Setra’s long-term competitiveness,” says Jonas Björnståhl, Setra’s Production Director.

In parallel with the investment in the new log feeder, a new progressive kiln is also being installed at the unit. The new kiln will connect to a rail system which will further improve operational efficiency.

“Throughout this project we have kept our eyes on the long-term so that we get a facility which can handle future requirements. For example bark handling will be increasingly done online so that the need for tractor trips can be reduced,” says Ove Sjögren, Manager at Setra Kastet.

The investment project is expected to completed and in operation during autumn 2016.

In recent time, Setra made other investments in its sawmills. At Setra Malå the investment involved upgrading the trimmer; a camera for automated sorting and a new control system meant to improve the efficiency of timber sorting with more consistent quality, lower production costs and improved flexibility. At Setra Färila the investment included a saw line and sawing equipment for a higher yield and more precise measurement of goods produced.

Setra Kastet, in Gävle, Sweden, has approximately 70 employees and is a specialised redwood sawmill. Production volume in 2015 totalled approximately 230,000 cubic metres of sawn product. Setra Kastet primarily saws small-dimension logs for production of raw material for glulam, claddings and furniture for customers in Japan, the UK, and Sweden, among other countries.






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