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June 30, 2020

Setra expands range of construction timber, to invest in a new planing mill in Sweden

Setra expands range of construction timber, to invest in a new planing mill in Sweden

Swedish wood products company Setra is expanding its range of construction timber with a major investment in new planed products at its new planing mill in Hasselfors, Sweden. The new planing mill will begin production in summer 2020.

According to the announcement, the new range comprises planed construction timber in various dimensions (including roof trusses and studs, complementing Setra’s selection of sawn construction timber). The timber is sorted mechanically and graded using the strength standards applicable for load-bearing structures in Europe, the USA and Australia. The products will be sold to builders’ merchants, wood product manufacturers and large-scale construction projects.

The raw material is spruce sourced within a radius of around 100 km. Logs with the right length specifications are selected out in the forest, while integrating the sawing and planing process cuts out one step in the production.

The goal is to manufacture around 200,000 m³ of planed products per year in Hasselfors. The UK will be a key market, so Setra’s distribution warehouses in the ports of King’s Lynn, Rochester and Hull are likely to be well used.

The next step will be to CE mark the strength-graded timber for sale in Europe. Production is expected to properly get going in the autumn. The first products to leave the planing mill will be timber in classes C24 and C30, which are often used for roof trusses and floor joists in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

As soon as the planing mill is up and running, the process of getting the timber certified for sale in the USA will begin, followed by certification for Australia.

“Wood is the building material of the future and we are clear that wood construction will continue to grow despite the coronavirus crisis. We’re now able to offer a stronger product portfolio to customers in the global construction market, and thus also increase our contribution to sustainable building.”Olle Berg, EVP Market and Business Development at Setra

About Setra Group:

The company  is one of Sweden’s largest wood products companies and a leading player in Europe. The Group has approximately 800 employees and annual sales of SEK 4 billion. Setra Group includes a total of nine sawmills, three processing units and two modular building factories. It exports its products to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Japan, which account for almost 60% of sales.



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